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Thursday, December 14, 2017 (1 events)

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Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities Quarterly Meeting (10:00 am)

Location: DeGray Lake Resort State Park Lodge, 2027 State Park Maintenance Rd, Bismarck, AR 71929-7308.


The Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities will be holding a quarterly business meeting on December 14, 2017 at 10:00 am, in the Eagle Room, at the DeGray Lake Resort State Park Lodge in Bismark, Arkansas. The lodge address is 2027 State Park Maintenance Rd, Bismarck, AR 71929-7308.

Location accessibility info available online here:
General information on the State Park: or call 877-879-2741

If you plan to attend and need specific supports or accommodations for the meeting, please contact GCDD and submit your request to staff by Thursday, December 7th, 2017. Call 501-682-2897 or Email .

I. Call to Order – Chairman Chris Johnson
II. Roll Call
III. Welcome and Guest Introductions
IV. Approve September 14, 2017 Meeting Minutes   
V. Council Staff Update
• Report on Subgrant Status 
• Report on Inter-Agency Status 
• Council Budget Report 
VI. Reports from Committee Chairs
a. Executive Committee Update
b. Nominating Committee Update  
• Recommendations for Committee Assignments 
c. Oversight Committee Update
• Corrective Action Plan (CAP)    
d. Public Policy and Outreach Committee Update
• RFP Marketing Contract Update and Timetable 
• New Marketing Materials 
• PPO Committee Approval for GCDD Staff to Contract a Vendor for the Research & Development of an Arkansas Developmental Disabilities Resource Guide & a Vendor for Guide Production 
• DD Update on Tax Reform/Healthcare (Federal)  
e. State Plan and Implementation Committee Update
• GCDD Staff Update on ACC Amended Project Proposal 
• Process Developed by Staff Pursuant to Council Instruction Regarding the Approval Process & Reimbursement of Training Costs for Self-advocates on a Yearly Basis 
VII. Council Education & Training
VIII. DD Network Update
IX. Self-Advocacy Updates
• Darren Morris (SAND Project)
• Ke’Arus Henderson
X. New Business and Announcements
• First Step, Inc. - Carrie Hollis-Anthony
• Upcoming Dates and Events 
XI. Adjourn

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