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March is Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month

March is Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month

March is Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month and it is time to spread the word and take action! Join us each year - in the month of March - to spread awareness, promote acceptance and celebrate the advancement of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilites.

According to NACDD (the National Association of Councils on Developmental Disabilities), the goal for DD Awareness Month is to create awareness about developmental disabilities, teach the importance of inclusion within every aspect of life, and to share the stories of individuals with a disability to show that a successful life is possible for all!

In 1987, President Ronald Reagan made a public proclamation that the month of March should be recognized as Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month to “increase public awareness of the needs and potential of Americans with developmental disabilities". Though this mission remains largely the same, so much has changed since 1987. While increasing public awareness is still necessary, the focus has shifted to sharing the message of  the importance of community inclusion and the benefits of living life side by side. During this month, we want people to share their stories, photos, and resources far and wide to expand the conversation of inclusion and accessibility.

The 2018 theme “See Me for Me” focused on looking beyond disability and celebrating our classmates, coworkers, neighbors, friends and loved ones for their individual perspectives and experiences. We raised awareness by having people with and without disabilities share their stories about how their lives are enriched by these relationships – learning, working, and living, side by side.

What Can You Do?

  • Use the hashtag #DDawareness when posting online
  • Resources are available at or contact Council staff with questions or requests for Arkansas-specific DDAM resources at or call 501-682-2897
  • Share with us your events, materials, plans and ideas on how you will be celebrating DDAM Arkansas in March! Together we can do more to spread awareness, promote acceptance and make DDAM Arkansas a successful campaign, each year.
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